Fundamental Things You Should Know About Sports Physicals

Allowing your child to participate in different sports activities is one of the best things you can do. Sports will enable them to explore and grow their talents, boost their health, and improve their grades. Besides, their schedule will always be busy.  But before you allow your child to join any sport, it's crucial to schedule a sports physical session to determine if they are fit to play their favorite sport or join an exercise program. [Read More]

Why Sports Physicals Are So Important For Young Adolescents

Sports physicals are usually mandatory for older children before they can start a sport, but younger children should also have a sports physical as well, even if it isn't required by the athletic department your child is playing for. A sports physical is very important, and if your child is playing any sport at all, he or she should have one before starting that sport, no matter if it's a very physical sport or not. [Read More]

Worried About Jaundice? How To Care For Your Newborn During Those First Few Days

If you've recently given birth, and this is your first baby, you may have a lot of questions and concerns. Some of those questions may involve jaundice. In most instances, jaundice is a non life-threatening condition that most babies develop a few days after birth. Most hospitals have babies remain in the hospital for at least 72 hours so that they can monitor color, since jaundice results in a yellowish skin color. [Read More]